Episode 3: Dumbledore’s Army–Where Are They Now?

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We’re back!  Sorry for the long delay, but rest assured we’ve missed you as much as you’ve missed us!  We especially appreciate our international listeners!

This episode explores current events and how they correspond to the Wizarding World–specifically, Book 5 of the Harry Potter series.  Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix teaches us some very specific lessons about how unacceptable regimes take root–and how we can, and should, resist.  We want your comments, so please let us know your thoughts!

We also give shouts out to some of our favorite HP podcasts we’ve been listening to: Mugglecast, Witch, Please, Potterless, and Potterotica.  You all give us life!

Are you playing Hogwarts Mystery on your phone?  We give our brief evaluation this episode, and we want to know what you think, too!

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Episode 2: On Sorting; Or, All Toddlers Are Slytherins


The photo in question: Issa’s son, age 2, practicing his Quidditch skills and being a Slytherin.

In this episode, we explore the Sorting methods for both the British and American schools of witchcraft and wizardry and explore the question posed by Dumbledore’s comment to Severus Snape that “You know, sometimes I think we sort too soon.”  Is 11 years old the right time to make sweeping determinations about a person’s character?

Please leave your comments below!  Tell us how you feel about Sorting, what House you’re in (British or American, or both) and whether you think Slytherins deserve their reputations as the antagonists of the Wizarding world?


Listen to Episode 2 here!