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Episode 2: On Sorting; Or, All Toddlers Are Slytherins


The photo in question: Issa’s son, age 2, practicing his Quidditch skills and being a Slytherin.

In this episode, we explore the Sorting methods for both the British and American schools of witchcraft and wizardry and explore the question posed by Dumbledore’s comment to Severus Snape that “You know, sometimes I think we sort too soon.”  Is 11 years old the right time to make sweeping determinations about a person’s character?

Please leave your comments below!  Tell us how you feel about Sorting, what House you’re in (British or American, or both) and whether you think Slytherins deserve their reputations as the antagonists of the Wizarding world?


Listen to Episode 2 here!

Episode One: Yer on a Podcast, Harry


Click here to access the podcast recording.

Issa and Sara introduce themselves to the podcasting community and discuss the recent film, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them (spoiler alerts rampant).

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